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About fidem


fidem's publishing plans revolve mainly around the school textbooks however; we aim to expand further by providing general and reference books in the near future. Having our head office in Karachi and branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad, we are committed towards the propagation of knowledge and education with quality.

fidem takes into consideration key factors of ‘National Interest’, as its published resources are distinctive, when it comes to our national culture and meeting the requirements of schools, national curriculum and students. fidem understands that publishing industry is facing huge demands in our country, and there is an absolute need of providing education through modern techniques.

fidem’s key objective is to develop and promote local authors and writers alongside foreign authors. We select highly educated and experienced Pakistani writers who can work along with fidem for the sake of producing books of high standards with modern methods.Another aspect, we are focused on, is developing books that are affordable for the local market.

Last but not the least: Our published materials are extremely attractive on one hand and deeply informative on the other. Since day one, fidem’s focus has been to generate the resource material that provides appropriate knowledge in accordance with our national curricula and is helpful in character and career building of the children.