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Our Difference

We make a difference by having quality in the domain of both content and creativity.

We believe that the quality of content is the most important part of any product. A textbook has to do justice to its subject matter. Thus we take great care and go into extensive research while developing the content of each subject.

We firmly believe creative methods to the presentation of a book are essential to bring the children closer to the book itself. Therefore we have worked hard to make creatively rich books which enable children to learn through visual as well as text. Our authors have adopted an involving approach by reaching out to a wide array of kids, which informed them on what they tend to find fascinating in textbooks. Our engaging approach has brought about the creation of characters that children can relate to, as we employ text alongside visual and developed an innovative method to storytelling.

This is supported further by providing high quality 2D and 3D illustrations.

Our uniqueness is not limited to this. We are also pioneers in developing books having:

• Progressive learning with recreational experiences.

• Innovating ideas and creative thinking.

• Characteristics to make children text-friendly.

Creatively bringing the children closer to the books.

We believe publishing should be meant to transfer knowledge and wisdom, besides triggering the imagination of children to next level by providing more than just curriculum text.

Our customers can benefit from a dedicated workflow, oriented to ensure a smooth flow in each chapter of all of our books.

We offer turnkey solutions and a complete supply chain mix.