fidem aims at promoting quality education imparted through effective instruction. To achieve this end, we produce quality textbooks based on vital educational philosophies.

fidem education network firmly believes in the professional grooming and growth of teachers. The Teacher Facilitation Programme marks a fresh beginning in facilitating and supporting the institutions to professionally develop their teachers to meet the challenges of modern education efficiently and effectively. The programme is designed as a series of training and orientation sessions to provide opportunities for exploring deeper insights of teaching and using the textbooks accordingly.

Teacher Facilitation Programme

The Teacher Facilitation Programme includes a broad range of sessions covering key educational and teacher development aspects. The programme also includes the orientation sessions on two titles ‘Talking Numbers-primary mathematics series' and 'Our World of Science - primary science series'. The integrated Teacher Facilitation Programme aims at helping teachers apply and use the best practices. Also, it aids in teaching core subjects like mathematics and science. This programme anticipates to cover the following areas:

  • Motivational strategies for classrooms
  • Effective classroom management
  • Learning theories and styles
  • Stress management
  • Presentation skills for teachers
  • Time management for teachers
  • Effective communication skills
  • Best teaching practices
  • Using technology in education

Talking Numbers (Mathematics series)

Talking Numbers is a primary mathematics textbook series. The series introduces the subject with a distinctive approach; it creates the context and embeds the concept into real-life situations. The real-life examples, word problems and colourful 3D characters 'talking' to the students throughout the series make the subject interesting and challenging.

Unique features:

- Each unit contains ‘inside the classroom’ and ‘outside the classroom’ activities to link the concepts with daily experiences.

- It presents the key concepts with extensive clarity and details.

- Each unit provides an ample amount of practice exercises.

- The books are designed with fascinating colourful 3D and 2D illustrations to present the content in a lively style.

- Each book reinforces the concepts by providing review and revision sections.

Our World of Science

Our World of Science is a series of 5 books for primary grades developed on the philosophy of constructivism. It provides in-depth knowledge of the key areas of science illustrated with real-life examples. The series focuses on the development of tools for learning; in particular skills for scientific inquiry. The activities that accompany each lesson have been designed to foster thinking and questioning. The series makes an effort to present the content in the most unique manner, especially at national level. The text and exercises invite children to observe, record and analyse the world around them.

Our World of Science progresses systematically in the most organized manner with logical thematic connections within the series.

Unique features:

- The major themes have been put across in an interesting manner to draw attention of young pupils by introducing the lively characters, 'Sameer and Maria.'

- Tasks and exercises stimulate critical thinking.

- Use of 3D illustrations to aid memory and enhance the learning experience.

-The series is presented with a blend of interrogative and direct approaches so as to build up the learning and questioning abilities of the children.

-The books provide exposure to the surrounding environment to develop observation skills in students.

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